Just few highlights of the CasAbruzzo :

  • CasAbruzzo is a Consortium which associated members are SMEs operating in different sectors. CasAbruzzo was founded in 2012 in order to encourage and support their members in the international spread of their products and services provided, the promotional activities, the import/export activity, also Public Grant Achievement and Business Development. The aim of CasAbruzzo is mainly to offer SMEs the opportunity to internationalize themselves, appealing to outsourcing services that cannot be afforded individually by a small company with its own strength. The name "CasAbruzzo" suggests the aim to provide the right support abroad - in the foreign markets - establishing strategic collaborations and partnerships with specific institutions and companies that are already operative in the target country. The aim is to provide, abroad, a safe place which will serve as a base of operations: the right place to "feels like at home". CasAbruzzo intends to give concreteness to the aspirations of the associated SMEs in order to facilitate the expansion of their businesses into foreign markets.
    Purposes :
  • Establishing collaborations and partnerships between foreign companies and associated SMEs.
  • Promotion of actions for the development of specific promotional activities in Italy and abroad.
  • International spread of products and services provided from associated SMEs.
  • SMEs presence in foreign market.
  • Internationalization of SMEs business processes.
  • Encouragement and development of SMEs import/export potential.